IPv6 address allocation lists by RIR or country.
IPv4 address allocation lists by RIR or country.
Please read the readme files before using these lists and bear in mind that the country stated is ONLY the country of the entity to which the netblock is allocated, which does not neccessarily mean the location of hosts within that netblock.

The IP allocations files are now in a stable state and updates are automated. The bycountry files have changed from {countrycode}.txt to {COUNTRYCODE}, e.g. ARIN/ca.txt becomes ARIN/CA. Please update your scripts accordingly. The format of the filenames will not change again. There is also a set of IPv4 allocations, but PLEASE read the readme files within the top level directories of both ipv6 and ipv4.

For those of you downloading a significant majority of the allocation lists, please consider using the daily tarballs "completeV4.tar.gz" and "completeV6.tar.gz" in the ipv4 or ipv6 subdirectories. These are around 500-600kB and ease bandwidth usage enormously. They contain everything the subdirectories bycountry and byrir contain and are made at the same time the flat files are generated using exactly the same data. Thank you for easing the load on the server!

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